We‘re Not The Only Insulation Guys In Town, But Hand On Heart We’re The Best.

Premier is a privately owned and operated New Zealand company supplying and installing insulation since 1996. In each region we are supported by kiwi’s supplying and installing insulation to their local areas, supporting and providing value to the community.

Our core insulation offering is based around two of the world’s most proven premier insulation solutions; Premier Glasswool and Premier Polyester. Both options provide a range of thermal and acoustic applications to suit your residential requirements.

The history of insulation, although glasswool technology is a product of the twentieth century, as long ago as 4,000BC, the ancient Egyptians invested an insulation material (bark of cork oak trees) for buildings which was somewhat similar to glasswool. This experience provided the fundamental technology on the manufacture and use of glasswool as an insulation material.

In 1938 the first Glasswool product line was constructed by Owen-Corning Fibreglass Corporation. This marked the official beginning of the commercial development of glasswool. To this day Premier and other leading New Zealand brands of glasswool are manufactured under the same licencing agreement.

A well-insulated home means you will rely less on heating and cooling systems, which will lower your cost of living, while providing you a more comfortable home to live in. Research proves that health issues amongst children and adults are significantly reduced with warmer, drier, healthier homes which means fewer sick days. All in all a warmer home, fatter wallet and fewer doctor visits has got to be a good thing.

When renovating, an uninsulated home uses up to 30% more energy to warm than that of an insulated home. Insulating your home can often be paid back in a few years, and add to the capital of your property.

When building a new home, insulation will help keep your home stay warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, as well as other additional benefits.
By installing premier acoustic wall insulation you will have a quieter home with our acoustic Branz NZ tested and certified insulation.

Don’t forget your internal walls, insulating your internal walls will substantially reduce noise levels, provide a more even temperature thoughout the home and best of all it is one of the most cost effective ways to do so.

Let Premier be your insulation partner and help keep your home a healthier and quieter one for you and your family.



All our agents are committed to what we call the Premier Promise:

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We’ll respond to your enquiry within
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We’ll visit and quote within 3 days of
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We’ll schedule the installation within
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Our Warranty

Premier Insulation Limited is proud to offer a 50-year warranty from date of installation on all its Premier Glasswool & Polyester insulation. When installed and maintained correctly, as outlined in NZS 4246 and our technical instructions, we warrant the materials free of defects for 50 years. The warranties set out in our terms and conditions are in addition to any rights that may exist under the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993.

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