For a healthier, warmer, home.

Premier are your local home and commercial insulation installers. With Premier, there are no middlemen, just a great team that from beginning to end, give you a great blend of efficient, skilled and speedy service.

Premier Hawkes Bay

Premier Insulation Hawkes Bay is a local family-owned business started in 2019, our focus is to provide an exceptional service and at the same time make every home in Hawkes Bay warmer and healthier, we hire and employ local workers and are proud to get involved with the local community


  • Warmer Kiwi Homes Assessments
  • Ground Moisture Barrier Installs
  • Statement of Insulation
  • EECA Approved Installer
  • Hawkes Bay Regional Council Approved Installer
  • Retro Fit
  • New Build
  • Commercial

The Premier Promise.

3 Hours

We'll respond to your enquiry within 3 hours, 9am - 5pm Monday to Friday.

3 Days

Our team will visit and quote your job within 3 days of your enquiry.

8 Days

We'll complete the installation within 8 working days of quote approval.

About us.

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What our clients say.

“Thank you for your team that you had over home. My daughter said they worked hard and tiresomely to get the work done even when one of them went home.
One of your employees spoke to me via phone about a leak in the bathroom floor which I had got the plumber onto it straight away.
He said they will come back and complete it, however they have done 90% of it.
When he spoke to me about the leak, he also mentioned the flooring.
I was impressed that your employee wanted to assure me that it’s his company that will be known for doing a cover up job if he didn’t say anything.
His assurance of completion put my mind at ease.
I would like you to please pass on my appreciation of excellent service and staff that your company provided me that day.”
– Sharron

“I am happy with the installation yesterday.
The boys were great, when they came they introduced themselves, they explained the whole process in depth and we’re really chatty, humorous and very pleasant.
I couldn’t have asked for a better crew. This made the whole process so much easier and I felt very comfortable with the boys.
They are a credit to your company, keep up the good attitudes boys 🙂
Thankyou, have a FAB day :)”
– Debs

“Many thanks to your crew for a job well done at my Mothers house yesterday. Very quick and efficient, she’ll notice a difference straight away I am sure.
Thank you also for the way you look after our old people and your wonderful relaxed way of building relationships with us so quickly.
We instantly knew you were the right person to organise our job. Thanks for everything “
– Margaret


121 Stoneycroft Street
Hastings 4120

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    North Island
    183 Great South Road

    South Island
    14 John Morten Place
    Rolleston 7614


    Building Insulants
    Licence No 251747


    Appraisal No.509 [2014]
    Appraisal No.1097 [2019]
    Appraisal No.1098 [2019]